LCE2101V 规格参数

    • FOV25° 

    • Resolution640x400 

    • Micro-display0.23" oLED

    • Eye-box12×10mm²

    • Eye-relief22mm

    • Distortion<3%

    • Transparency82%

    • Luminance intensity>200nit

    • Thickness1.5mm

    • Module weight10.2g

    • InterfaceRGB

Contrast beyond measure,

Every detail presented in full treasure

The ultra-high contrast significantly enhances AR display, surpassing industry standards with a color gamut coverage of over 99.9% RGB and a light transmittance of over 82%. The picture is clear and delicate, with sharp image contrast, reaching the level of professional-grade displays, and rejecting the grainy visual perception. High brightness details are displayed clearly, while the contrast is still outstanding in dark areas.xq1.png

Zero distortion, full clarity in view,

Nothing left unseen, every detail anew

When light passes through transparent materials of different refractive indices, refraction occurs. Based on self-innovated optical waveguide technology, Lumens Optoelectronics greatly improves the user experience with an ultra-small distortion rate, restoring high-fidelity, low-error, full-color real scenes for you.


Wearing without feeling, infinitely light and thin.

The ultra-lightweight module is designed to be more flexible, with an extra-thin lens thickness and an overall light and compact design, making it perfectly compatible with various product structures. Experience the ultimate display performance with the powerful yet "barely noticeable" features.


Design without limits, witness the exquisite craftsmanship

It can be adapted to different hardware forms, such as AR glasses, helmets, and head-mounted displays. Coupled with a friendly eye relief distance, it can be perfectly used by users with vision correction needs, meeting your personalized requirements for AR devices.


Entire supply chain is in place for efficient mass production.

Together with several leading suppliers in the industry and leveraging Lingxiang's own full-scale factory, we have established a complete and controllable supply chain system to achieve mass production. With leading process standards and strict production processes, we deliver stable AR module products with ultra-high yield rates.