LCE2109 规格参数

    • Dimensions11.2*11*5mm

    • Volume0.7cc

    • DisplayMEMS1280*720

    • Light sourceLASER RGB

    • FOV28°-56

    • Power<350mw

    • Output10 lm

    • Matched waveguideDiffractive waveguide DOE

Beyond virtual transcendence and imagination, all-encompassing and delicate.

The miniature AR optical engine adopts advanced optical technology, which can project virtual information directly in front of the user's eyes. Together with the Lochn’s waveguide, it ensures more even colors and clearer display.


Multiple pairing options for a more diverse and enriched AR experience.

The AR optical engine can be paired with a variety of waveguides for use in multiple scenarios, including games, education, advertising, tourism, and more, providing users with a more diverse and enriched AR experience.